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Recent Projects

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  • Entercoms - This project delivered a massive punch in a tight schedule and with an eye on detail. The resulting site is gorgeous across all visitors' devices with its responsive layout and hi-dpi graphics. The front page packs most often needed information into a long “scroller” design and despite features the long list of baked-in features such as “parallax”, animated backgrounds, interactive widgets, deep analytics and more, load times for the site are less than a single second in much of the world.
  • Nick Nacca Photography - <p>When commercial photographer, Nick Nacca needed to update his online presence, we delivered a high-performance, responsive website that presents his work in beautiful, high-resolution glory. The site also showcases his unique Nacca Effect everywhere and includes a unique lightbox feature that allows visitors to curate their own favorites in custom collections for reviewing later or sharing.</p> <p><strong>Winner of the 2015 Gold ADDY from the San Diego American Advertising Awards!</strong></p>
  • Mercury Public Relations 2014 - Mercury has grown quite a bit over the years and needed their website to be able to keep up with this growth and the increased levels of traffic it sees. Sisu Consulting completely re-engineered their website from the ground up changing every aspect of its technical underpinnings along the way. The result? Pages load 2-3X faster and the site can now handle literally 500X the number of concurrent visitors vs. the old. In addition, this update sports universal device access, gorgeous web-fonts and new Newsroom and contact us pages.
  • Patterns of Evidence - The film company behind the upcoming film: “Patterns of Evidence: The Exodus” needed to whet the interest of movie-goers with a film trailer and to allow them to sign-up for location-specific events as well as general film-news. Sisu Consulting delivered a solution that integrates directly with their mailing provider and allows them to inform those in the vicinity of upcoming events. This project is ongoing and a new, fuller site will be launched later in 2014.
  • Cisco Getthere - Helping our customers communicate is what we're all about so when Getthere needed to communicate to their partners at Cisco about new products and services that they can jointly offer to customers, they came to us. We quickly put together this gorgeous, one-page scroller to put all the pertinent information at their associate's fingertips. Turn-around time was quick, but the impact was huge.
  • CR Solar - CR Solar is a home and business solar energy company who turned to Sisu Consulting for soup-to-nuts marketing advice and tooling. In addition to developing their logo, website, pricing model and editorial voice we are heavily involved in the company’’s marketing.
  • Sabre Virtual Meetings - Sabre Virtual Meetings’ new website offers a beautiful, clutter-free design and delivers a steep list of features –including: internationalization and localization in 7 languages; wide-screen, high-resolution, dual-lighting photography; comprehensive social and SEO integration and, of course, highly customizable CMS-driven pages. In addition, we engineered this solution with nearly perfect performance scores and robust back-end performance even on entry-level hardware.
  • TheBlakeProject Website & Conference Management App - TheBlakeProject came to us looking for a company to breath new life into their web-presence. We delivered a beautiful site packed with features that pop, both in terms of visual appeal and performance. In addition to serving as the company’s website, it serves as a conference management tool allowing conference participants to learn about the company’s upcoming conferences and register, complete with payment processing and live updating of inventory remaining.
  • 9063 Research - This is a simple “one-pager” static (non-CMS) website but it is packed with goodies. The page is responsive and works well on both larger displays and smaller, hand-held devices. It loads extremely quickly and let’s viewers get to the information they require quickly.
  • Joshua Rush - Team Joshua Rush came to us looking for something refreshing for Josh's site re-do. We came up with a one-page design that presents everything about Josh magazine-style. Visitors no longer have to navigate from page to page to see everything and this design allows many visitors to be served with modest server hardware. Of course, putting everything on one page required very careful optimization of resources, and we delivered. As a result, this Django-powered site performs great everywhere from mobile devices to tablets to desktops.
  • Saffron8 CMS-based Website - When our long-time partner came to us to help them rebrand their company, we were ecstatic as we both wanted to create something bold and powerful for the new brand: Saffron8. The resulting site does not disappoint! Based on Django, this site not only looks great but has powerful CMS capabilities to help the company present its work to new prospects quickly and beautifully. Each visit offers an ever-changing fresh look designed to entice the viewer deeper into the site.
  • Doremi Laboratories WordPress Site Re-Skin - Doremi Laboratories is comprehensively rebranding the company and their website needed to be refreshed to reflect the new, clean Doremi brand. Sisu created a new theme and provided a new level of CMS functionality and performance for their existing WordPress site bringing a new level of automation and maintainability. The end result? Pages load more than 433% faster while delivering a richer, more beautiful experience to visitors.
  • Namaste Entertainment : CMS-Based Website - Namaste Entertainment is a startup game company that required a cutting edge-design and delivery system. The resulting website scores very high design, usability and performance marks. Live twitter feeds for the company and each members of staff keep the content ultra-fresh and the Content Management System helps the company keep the site current with the latest news, blogs, job postings and new team mates.
  • Sisu Consulting : CMS-Based Website - While not yet as large as some of our other projects, this site features an impactful design and packs a lot of subtle but important features such as: a touch-capable scrolling list of projects (works great on tablets and smart-phones); an animated creative that works in places Flash doesn't; and smart “deep-linking” that efficiently loads a project upon return that the reader bookmarked previously. We've also baked-in a lot of performance so that this site loads quickly and uses our hosting resources efficiently.
  • BlackHorse Storage : Website - The owners of the BlackHorse Offices, Storage & Postal Center looked to us for an online presence solution that would be effective an cost-efficient for their multiple storage facilities. The result is a modular website design which can be quickly deployed for all their locations and features engaging animated and iDevice-friendly splash screens and a social strategy that fits the company’s local presence and marketing goals for each location.
  • SGS Web Application UI/UX CSS - As Southern Graphics Systems implements a robust and rather complex application for customer use using their standard in-house technology, they turned to us for help in converting their elegant UI/UX designs into real HTML5/CSS3 components. We delivered. The sample you see on the left is a collection of some of the components, all built using purely HTML5 and CSS3 (save one small image) with more than acceptable fallbacks for older browsers.
  • Vincent Koistinen Photography : Website - When Vincent Koistinen required a website to promote his National Park Photography & Videography services, Sisu Consulting delivered a clean, elegant design that would allow his photography to shine through. The site uses a very wide aspect ratio of 2.38:1 to celebrate the landscapes captured by this notable photographer. Text and page elements are subdued so as not to compete for the viewers attention, but are easy to see when required.
  • Graphis Inc. : CMS-Based Website - Graphis Inc. is a pillar of the design community and as such complies to its own exacting standards for its own website which attracts 1000’s of visitors per day. We are working to breath dynamicism into their impeccable designs using high-performance web techniques such as actively managing the loading of anticipated elements to keep their image-rich web pages appearing very quickly (within 1 second) and responding instantaneously to viewer-interaction, even at peak loads.
  • Rio Roca Ranch : CMS-Based Website & Application - In addition to being a working cattle ranch, Rio Roca Ranch houses an architectural show-piece, the Rio Roca Chapel. As such their website needed to address both their ranch requirements of promoting their prize-winning Red Angus bulls and saleable items, but also to allow visitors to view photography of the Chapel and physical art from regional sculptors. Additionally, architecture students can book chapel tours using an integrated tour management web-application.
  • SGS : CMS-Based Website - Southern Graphics Systems recently rebranded themselves and required a new website that would meet their new corporate standards. Working closely with their designer, we helped SGS delivered to these design and typographical standards with a high-performance website backed by a custom CMS. The resulting pages load almost instantly even though the site uses high quality graphics on nearly every page.
  • Samantha Scott Events : CMS-Based Website - Samantha Scott Events offers event planning and decorating services to their customers and required a website that would allow them to display these gorgeous designs beautifully and in a manner which is easily updateable by staff. We delivered a solution that uses a common, off-the-shelf Content Management System solution themed with custom templates and functionality. The result delivers all of the customer’s requirements and more.
  • Compliance Connections : CMS-Based Website - Compliance Connections began working with us in the early days of their startup business. We were able to develop a CMS-based solution for them in record time which helped CC get into the marketplace quick. The results were effective. The CEO informed us that “the site was generating [leads] almost every day.“ The website offers custom dynamic elements that are deeply integrated into the CMS for easy updating and a clever animation on the front page.
  • Graphis-Call For Entries : Web-Application - Graphis, Inc. needed to re-vamp its submission process for its design competitions. We provided a very dynamic front-end application to assist applicants in uploading images, adding attribution and making payment online. The application allows multiple-file uploads, drag-and-drop between shows, easy resuming submissions at a later date and more. All of this with an eye for typography and design which is paramount to Graphis.
  • Mercury Public Relations : CMS-Based Website - When Mercury Public Relations updated their Corporate ID, they needed a fresh website to showcase it. Sisu Consulting delivered a beautiful website matching the exacting standards set by their impeccable design, and features Flash-based components which are deeply integration with their Content Management System. This allows Mercury staff to update all aspects of their website with only a few clicks in their CMS. The site also offers useful tools for locating the most suitable person for visitors to contact and other client-side interaction.